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A Trip to Heaven, Paradise Island Vacation

Paradise Island formerly known as “Hog Island” is 685 acres in size. It is best known for its famous resort “Atlantis”. Before World War ii, it was a private estate of Axel Wenner-Gren a Swedish entrepreneur. This island is connected to another island by two bridges known as the Northern Province. It is a well-developed island located off the shore of the city of Nassau.

paradise island atlantis behind

Paradise island Atlantis resort

Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island is the most happening attraction. It has a built-in water-park and is friendly for all ages. The “Royal Towers” is also another luxury filled resort owned by the Trump Plaza followed by another tower called “the Cove of Atlantis”. Attractions such as: “Aquaventure” is where you can find thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and rapids all in one Waterscape followed by a center stage that contains four large water slides.

Paradise island Atlantis Royal Towers

Paradise island aquaventure rides

“The Current” is another main attraction in Paradise Island. It is a water ride with high tides and water waves, and artificial surges. “Mayan Temple Ride” the Royal Tower is the Mayan Temple entertainment attraction consisting of four major slides: Leap of Faith, the Challenger Slides, the Serpent Slide, and the Jungle Slide. “The dig” is a set of underwater aquariums, and its known as the world’s largest open marine habitat. You will find hundreds of different aquatic species can be spotted in the Dig’s various tanks such as angelfish, sharks, manta rays (one of which is larger than ten feet), and various types of jellyfish. The goal of The Dig is to provide guests with a taste of life in the legendary destroyed city of Atlantis.

aqua venture_leap_paradise_island

If one observes the bottom of the floors in the different aquariums, wreckage and debris scattered about representing the “Lost City of Atlantis.” Other forms of attractions include “Atlantis Live” which is pretty recent during the past few years. This is where concerts are hosted and other live events to guests. Famous bands and singers come to the island often for concerts such as the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Sara Bareilles, Paul Potts, Katy Perry, N’SYNC, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, and Lady Antebellum have all performed concerts either outside, in the Imperial Ballroom, or in the Atlantis Theatre.


Paradise is a great place for aqua adventures and for any fans of water and fish. It is also a good family place to enjoy and relax and it’s a great place for a family fun filled vacation.


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Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

One of the most fascinating place if you want to see in America is the Niagara falls. It is so much beautiful. It is made of three levels, the bridal veil fall, the American Falls and the Horseshoe Fall, it is famous for its waterfall. If we talk about this waterfall it was the oldest park in the USA as the Niagara reservation which was established in 1885. Its landscape architect was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and later it became the corner stones of the Parks in the historic.

planning a trip in niagara fall

To Dewatering the American waterfall the earthen dam was built in 1969. It was analyzed that it was very expensive to remove the waterfall rock base. Its water flows about 3,160 tons over every second. When it falls it empties the 15 miles into the lake. In the world its rank is second. From the Victoria waterfall it was exceeded in size in South Africa.

To view its beautiful scenery the tour started in the 1820. For making tourist can easy access the staircase was constructed to reach to the table rock, but because presently it is the leading industry so it is now closed because of its expansion right now. Around waterfalls they made hotels which enhanced the tourist demand. It contains the bridge across the river which it makes easy to travel to see this. This bridge was designed by John August Roebling and this bridge name is Brooklyn Bridge.

Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

If you want to see it’s most beautiful falls, I suggest that you must go in the winter season. Just because its falls freeze in this season and it is about 50 feet thick. With its ice is expanding in all the way and it forms an ice bridge. In the 1912 tourist walked on this bridge, but due to the ice broke many three tourists were dying on 4th Feb 1912.

planning a trip to beautiful niagara fall

One of the most important thing of this waterfalls that it is used as an equipment to produce electricity for Canada and United States. Around 4 million kilowatts this waterfall can produce electricity. This place is the home of New York and its stand on both sides of US and Canadian borders.

Its view gives so much relaxation and it is the natural wonder. It is so much inspiring that everyone wants to come again and again to see this.

Office page of tourism Victoria Falls | Largest waterfall in the world

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A Memorable Experience at Ocean Park Hong Kong

A small fun world! Ocean park is in the Hong Kong island, which is situated at the southern side. It’s comprises an area of 870,000 meter of land and it contains a different selection of attractions. It contains three areas which contain thrill rides Headland, Tai Shue Wan and Headland they all are operated by Corporation of Ocean Park. Their main motive is to give entertainment, conservation and education for the very affordable price.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong

They effectively reinvented and rejuvenated themselves to give better facilities to their guest. In 30 years more than 100 million people visited this place and each year more than five million people visit this place. It is also named in the 10 most famous amusement parks in the world in the year 2006 and in 2007 according to the traveler Forbes it hit in the 50 most visited attraction in the world. It was officially opened in 1977 by the Governor Sir Murray MacLehose of Hong Kong, around the cost of $150 million spent by the Hong Kong government. For the further phase of development they were allocated the fund of around HK $240 million between 1982 to 1984.

Ocean Park Resort

The Low Land area is completely changed and called waterfront and on the other hand the Headland is changed into the fabulous section called the Summit. If we talk about its water front it contains many different features like they have a bigaquarium with 3 levels, the themed areas of Asian animals, the Atoll Reef, the Panda adventure theme, the children’s area which is remodeled and now it is called Whiskers. If we see the Summit area if you to visit the cool and chill place you can visit polar adventure of the South and North Pole.

hong kong ocean park

For hunting place you can go thrill mountains where they contain many sea lions and dolphins in the marine world. They have so many attractive places for which they connect their guest with it like a high speed train which is built to take or transfer the guest from the waterfront to the summit in less than 3 minutes.

hong kong ocean park

In November 2006 the groundbreaking took place which contained the cost of HK 5.5 billion dollar project. It was completed in six years, which is contained eight phases, but the park remained open. Due to these rides, animal exhibit its attractions doubled around 35 to 70 and this project was completed in 2012. It’s also regarded to most visited park in the world.

ocean park halloween

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The London Eye, An Amazing Experience of Touring

A massive Ferris Wheel, which is commonly known as the London Eye. It is situated in London,England on the bank of the River Thames. Let’s discuss its structure it is 444 feet tall and it has a diameter of 120 meters. It is one of the best popular attraction for touring in the UK. About four million tourists visit annually to experience this Ferris wheel. By A frame it is supported from one side and it is taller than the Singapore and Nanchang Wheels. It is officially named as British Airways London. On January 20th, 2011 it was officially titled EDF – Energy London Eye. It adjoins the Jubilee Garden, which is on the top South Bank at the Western end between the Hungerford bridge and Westminster bridge. It was designed by Frank Anatole, Steve Chilton, Nic Bailey, Mark Sparrowhawk, Malcolm Cook, David Marks and Julia Barfield and the person who was responsible for the construction and management was Mace. It resembles or look like a bicycle wheel.




It is on record that the superstar Kate Winslet has been came here about 25 times. It is the tallest observation cantilever wheel. Mostly this place contains more visitors than the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Giza. In all directions you can see up to 40 km. It was given pink color in the December 2005 because the first civil partnership was celebrated here. It has 32 air-conditioned capsules which represent 32 London boroughs and each capsules has capacity to carry minimum 25 people. They are numbered 1 – 33 for the superstitious reasons.

london eye capsule

They have left number 13 for good luck. In each rotation it can carry about 800 people, you can compare it with 11 red-double-Decker London buses. It contained a predecessor which was working from 1895 to 1906. It was demolished in 1907.




It is worldwide famous attraction such as Eiffel Tower, Paris. It has auto function to carry people from the ground and after give them a big round in the air and then drop them from where it is started. It is the place of enjoyment and you can enjoy it effectively. It is not for only rich people it is for everybody. Everyone can take a ride on it and can enjoy with their family and friends. It really contains a magical atmosphere.

Official Website: London Eye


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Disneyland Paris, A Thrilling Amusement Place

It is an enormous amusement place. Every child has a dream to go at this place to see their favorite cartoons or characters and get endless fun. It is really a huge place of enjoyment in the world. It was started on April 12th 1992. Originally its name is Euro Disneyland. It is the fabulous destination, which is in the eastern suburbs of Paris. It is located in the heart of France about 33 km away from the Paris. It is most visited park in all over the world. Let us tell about its features mainly it’s a fun place, but also it contains seven hotels, a shopping mall, plenty of dining places and a water park. It also offered by the United States, which is the second Disney resort and other Tokyo Disney resort which was operated by Disney.

A thrilling amusement




It offers many different fascinating activities in which the visitors can get limitless fun. Just like it provides fastest rides, scary rides, water pursuits, night show as well and the important thing is all of these are offered in a very affordable price. People can also meet with their favorite animated characters and take an autograph and a picture too. In the Walt Disney Parks these characters roamed there, which appeals to people, you can see what happens behind the animation movies.

Paris Disney Land

It creates the special effects and do the live action shooting. Village of the Disneyland resort offers you the most eye-catching things like games arcade, pub, concert venue, which you can find in each branches. It also offers you pizza parlors, ice-cream, fast food service and there is a variety of different conventional foods. Throughout the trip you will find glorious things that will make your journey memorable.

Disneyland Paris

I went to Paris last year and enjoyed a lot. If you are also planning to go Paris for family holiday or group trip, I must suggest this is a perfect location. Its environment is a magical in which your and your family will feel glad. Its employees make you feel safe and provide you well and relax atmosphere. I hope these facts will guide you, we also gathered some images below that shows how it is beautiful.

There website : Disneyland Paris (Official Website)


Disneyland Paris amusement

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Exciting Holidays in Hawaii Island

It is one of the biggest island and most famous as well. It is in the North Pacific Ocean and a chain of Volcanic. It is an area of 4,208 sq miles and it is larger than the archipelago in the United States. It has reduced the confusion between the state and island. Hilo is the biggest city on the island and its also contain the seat of the government of the country. It has the great peak of the mountain range which is known as the Hawaiian-Emperor chain which is formed by the volcanic activity. Its beauty is enhanced and it is very unique.

Exciting Holidays in Hawaii Island


The specialty of Hawaii it contains 3 large islands. The Kahoolawe served bombing facility of the US navy. It is the oldest and it is under the control of undergoing restoration. The others which is Niihau is called forbidden which was purchased in 1864. It contains a very simple life and free of technology. Their natives speak this Hawaiian language which based on 12 letters (A, E, I, O, U, J, K, L, M, N,P and W). They did not accept visitors for many years. But they accept for half-day tours. The Lanai which has the largest majority., which is affiliated and owned by Dole company. More than 40 years this is served and it gets the title of the largest pineapple exporter in the world. This is one of the ideal location for the tourist destination that’s why it’s become a most visited place.

Hawaii Island vacation


These were created by underwater volcanoes. It is the most isolated locations. It includes 100 amazing volcanic mountains, they contain five major volcanoes, and one underwater which is recently discovered which is near the Loihi. They contain Mauna Kea which is the world’s tallest mountain from the ocean floor to its highest peak. It is biologically unique for plant and sea life. It is only exists on this. For more than a century sugar cane was the backbone of the Hawaii but in 1996 it began in downsize and its last plantation was closed.

Kailua Beach Hawaii Island


Now its economy is based on tourism, mainly they are based on sustainable tourism. These are good for the agriculture and are the home of the United States. It is also known as for astronomy. On the peak of Mauna Kea many telescopes are operated. There atmospheric clarity is good because it contains very light pollution. These are the information and facts about the place which will surely help you when you will plan your tour to this amazing location.

Encyclopaedia link : Hawaii Island 

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