A Trip to Heaven, Paradise Island Vacation

A Trip to Heaven, Paradise Island Vacation

Paradise Island formerly known as “Hog Island” is 685 acres in size. It is best known for its famous resort “Atlantis”. Before World War ii, it was a private estate of Axel Wenner-Gren a Swedish entrepreneur. This island is connected to another island by two bridges known as the Northern Province. It is a well-developed island located off the shore of the city of Nassau.

paradise island atlantis behind

Paradise island Atlantis resort

Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island is the most happening attraction. It has a built-in water-park and is friendly for all ages. The “Royal Towers” is also another luxury filled resort owned by the Trump Plaza followed by another tower called “the Cove of Atlantis”. Attractions such as: “Aquaventure” is where you can find thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and rapids all in one Waterscape followed by a center stage that contains four large water slides.

Paradise island Atlantis Royal Towers

Paradise island aquaventure rides

“The Current” is another main attraction in Paradise Island. It is a water ride with high tides and water waves, and artificial surges. “Mayan Temple Ride” the Royal Tower is the Mayan Temple entertainment attraction consisting of four major slides: Leap of Faith, the Challenger Slides, the Serpent Slide, and the Jungle Slide. “The dig” is a set of underwater aquariums, and its known as the world’s largest open marine habitat. You will find hundreds of different aquatic species can be spotted in the Dig’s various tanks such as angelfish, sharks, manta rays (one of which is larger than ten feet), and various types of jellyfish. The goal of The Dig is to provide guests with a taste of life in the legendary destroyed city of Atlantis.

aqua venture_leap_paradise_island

If one observes the bottom of the floors in the different aquariums, wreckage and debris scattered about representing the “Lost City of Atlantis.” Other forms of attractions include “Atlantis Live” which is pretty recent during the past few years. This is where concerts are hosted and other live events to guests. Famous bands and singers come to the island often for concerts such as the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Sara Bareilles, Paul Potts, Katy Perry, N’SYNC, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, and Lady Antebellum have all performed concerts either outside, in the Imperial Ballroom, or in the Atlantis Theatre.


Paradise is a great place for aqua adventures and for any fans of water and fish. It is also a good family place to enjoy and relax and it’s a great place for a family fun filled vacation.


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