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The London Eye, An Amazing Experience of Touring

A massive Ferris Wheel, which is commonly known as the London Eye. It is situated in London,England on the bank of the River Thames. Let’s discuss its structure it is 444 feet tall and it has a diameter of 120 meters. It is one of the best popular attraction for touring in the UK. About four million tourists visit annually to experience this Ferris wheel. By A frame it is supported from one side and it is taller than the Singapore and Nanchang Wheels. It is officially named as British Airways London. On January 20th, 2011 it was officially titled EDF – Energy London Eye. It adjoins the Jubilee Garden, which is on the top South Bank at the Western end between the Hungerford bridge and Westminster bridge. It was designed by Frank Anatole, Steve Chilton, Nic Bailey, Mark Sparrowhawk, Malcolm Cook, David Marks and Julia Barfield and the person who was responsible for the construction and management was Mace. It resembles or look like a bicycle wheel.




It is on record that the superstar Kate Winslet has been came here about 25 times. It is the tallest observation cantilever wheel. Mostly this place contains more visitors than the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Giza. In all directions you can see up to 40 km. It was given pink color in the December 2005 because the first civil partnership was celebrated here. It has 32 air-conditioned capsules which represent 32 London boroughs and each capsules has capacity to carry minimum 25 people. They are numbered 1 – 33 for the superstitious reasons.

london eye capsule

They have left number 13 for good luck. In each rotation it can carry about 800 people, you can compare it with 11 red-double-Decker London buses. It contained a predecessor which was working from 1895 to 1906. It was demolished in 1907.




It is worldwide famous attraction such as Eiffel Tower, Paris. It has auto function to carry people from the ground and after give them a big round in the air and then drop them from where it is started. It is the place of enjoyment and you can enjoy it effectively. It is not for only rich people it is for everybody. Everyone can take a ride on it and can enjoy with their family and friends. It really contains a magical atmosphere.

Official Website: London Eye


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