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Disneyland Paris, A Thrilling Amusement Place

It is an enormous amusement place. Every child has a dream to go at this place to see their favorite cartoons or characters and get endless fun. It is really a huge place of enjoyment in the world. It was started on April 12th 1992. Originally its name is Euro Disneyland. It is the fabulous destination, which is in the eastern suburbs of Paris. It is located in the heart of France about 33 km away from the Paris. It is most visited park in all over the world. Let us tell about its features mainly it’s a fun place, but also it contains seven hotels, a shopping mall, plenty of dining places and a water park. It also offered by the United States, which is the second Disney resort and other Tokyo Disney resort which was operated by Disney.

A thrilling amusement




It offers many different fascinating activities in which the visitors can get limitless fun. Just like it provides fastest rides, scary rides, water pursuits, night show as well and the important thing is all of these are offered in a very affordable price. People can also meet with their favorite animated characters and take an autograph and a picture too. In the Walt Disney Parks these characters roamed there, which appeals to people, you can see what happens behind the animation movies.

Paris Disney Land

It creates the special effects and do the live action shooting. Village of the Disneyland resort offers you the most eye-catching things like games arcade, pub, concert venue, which you can find in each branches. It also offers you pizza parlors, ice-cream, fast food service and there is a variety of different conventional foods. Throughout the trip you will find glorious things that will make your journey memorable.

Disneyland Paris

I went to Paris last year and enjoyed a lot. If you are also planning to go Paris for family holiday or group trip, I must suggest this is a perfect location. Its environment is a magical in which your and your family will feel glad. Its employees make you feel safe and provide you well and relax atmosphere. I hope these facts will guide you, we also gathered some images below that shows how it is beautiful.

There website : Disneyland Paris (Official Website)


Disneyland Paris amusement

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