Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

One of the most fascinating place if you want to see in America is the Niagara falls. It is so much beautiful. It is made of three levels, the bridal veil fall, the American Falls and the Horseshoe Fall, it is famous for its waterfall. If we talk about this waterfall it was the oldest park in the USA as the Niagara reservation which was established in 1885. Its landscape architect was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and later it became the corner stones of the Parks in the historic.

planning a trip in niagara fall

To Dewatering the American waterfall the earthen dam was built in 1969. It was analyzed that it was very expensive to remove the waterfall rock base. Its water flows about 3,160 tons over every second. When it falls it empties the 15 miles into the lake. In the world its rank is second. From the Victoria waterfall it was exceeded in size in South Africa.

To view its beautiful scenery the tour started in the 1820. For making tourist can easy access the staircase was constructed to reach to the table rock, but because presently it is the leading industry so it is now closed because of its expansion right now. Around waterfalls they made hotels which enhanced the tourist demand. It contains the bridge across the river which it makes easy to travel to see this. This bridge was designed by John August Roebling and this bridge name is Brooklyn Bridge.

Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

Plan a Trip to Beautiful Niagara Falls

If you want to see it’s most beautiful falls, I suggest that you must go in the winter season. Just because its falls freeze in this season and it is about 50 feet thick. With its ice is expanding in all the way and it forms an ice bridge. In the 1912 tourist walked on this bridge, but due to the ice broke many three tourists were dying on 4th Feb 1912.

planning a trip to beautiful niagara fall

One of the most important thing of this waterfalls that it is used as an equipment to produce electricity for Canada and United States. Around 4 million kilowatts this waterfall can produce electricity. This place is the home of New York and its stand on both sides of US and Canadian borders.

Its view gives so much relaxation and it is the natural wonder. It is so much inspiring that everyone wants to come again and again to see this.

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