Tour and Travel of Eiffel Tower

Tour and Travel of Eiffel Tower

It is located on the Champ  De  Mars  in Paris and it is named by the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company built the tower.  It is the most visited places in the world. It is 320 meters tall like 81 storey building. It beats the Washington Monument which was assumed the tallest man made structure of the world. On the top of the tower antenna was added in 1957. It is an iron lattice tower which was built in 1889. People love to come here to enjoy because it was also included in the seven wonders of the world so it is obvious that it is very beautiful place for the visitors and if you are travelling Paris, it is not complete without this.


There are three levels for visitors in the Eiffel tower. The first two levels can be approached by lift or stairs but the third one it can only be approached by lift and it’s likely to have a long line. For visitors if they are taking a tour or travelling it . I have some tips .


Visiting Tips At Tower  For Visitors:

You can travel tower at any time but you should visit at night because it contains some magical moments , at you know the Paris is called the City of Light so if you are riding up on the tower and the spotlights is on the tower so it reflection of this site you can’t miss it. You will have so much excited to see this type of thing. The closest stop from the Eiffel tower is Bir- Hakeim. You can walk through it which contains good places like museums, home theatres, marble plaza from which you can take an impressive picture of the tower across the Seinne river which contains the fountain in Trocadero garden. If you are here at the top of the hour for five minutes the tower turn into sparkles.Mostly visitors or travelers  buy the ticket  to the top of the tower  because they think that they can see the clean view from there. They are wrong because if you want to see the best view you should buy the ticket of second stage.


As you know that for purchasing the ticket it contains a long queue so you should purchase the tickets online that will not take too much time. You should see the sign of entree visitors when you enter at the tower if you know the place so you can ask the attendant  which always stand at the entrance which will point you on the right direction . After taking a big trip you can relax your legs so you can take snacks and drinks at the cafe which is near to Bir- Hakiem stop. So these are the some tips for visitors. If you take these tips you will enjoy every single moment of that.

Office website of Eiffle Tower Paris



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