Tour of Colosseum Rome

Tour of Colosseum Rome

“Flavian Amphitheater” an another name of the Colosseum,a work by Roman engineers.After building in the first century AD it was used in mock sea battles. It is situated in Rome, an arch with a ground in its center. The length of the outer curve is almost 524 meters, the length of the long axis is up to 188 meters, and the length of the minor core is 156 meters. This is world’s second-largest amphitheater named after Mark Anthony Gordian, an ellipse of 425 meters only. The inside part of it is more impressive than its outside. The length of its ground is up to 86 meters, and width of 54 meters. There was a statue on each a twist between the upper and middle circles; colorful plaster ceilings and decorated outside walls with bronze ornaments. For the general public, the Colosseum had 76 entrances and a few more for the big people.

Tour of Colosseum Rome

Wonder of the World Colosseum Rome:

It was designed so beautifully that visitors could leave the place in five minutes. Beating dozens of prominent world landmarks, it also earned the place in the list of the New Wonders of the World in the year 2007.

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It was covered with a “velarium” an enormous awning. The spectators were protected from the sun. The large pole was attached by velarium on top of the Colosseum and fixed to the ground by a large cable. A team of some 1,000 men was used to install the shade.

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The Coliseum’s southern side was felled by the earthquake held in 847. Marble Cladding- Parts of the building has been used for the construction of other landmarks.


Visitor’s guide:

The Colosseum offers tours guided in Italian, Spanish, and English. When conditions consent, the underground area can also be seen. The highest quality tours, allows to visit parts of the structure as compared to ordinary ticket holders can’t enter. During rain, the underground area is subject to overflow and usually can’t be visited. There are good informative signs in Italian and English inside it, so a tour is not really a necessity for understanding the auditorium. Parts of the hidden area can be seen from above without actually taking a tour. There are many concessions for European Union citizens, including free entrance for under age 18 and over age 65.

So these are the some guide for visitors. Hope so this information help you for visiting this place.

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