Trip of Boracay Island, Philippines

Trip of Boracay Island, Philippines

A very beautiful tropical island located in Philippines, crystal blue clear with powder white sand beach is really worth to visit, if you are going to visit this island there are higher chances that you will love this island. The beauty of this island made it number $1 world best beach.

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This island is almost 7 kilo meters long and has many other isolated beaches around it. Boracay Island is shaped like a dog bone. It is almost 1 Kilometer wide at its narrowest.


It is separated into three sectors; Manoc- Manoc in the South, Yapal in the North and Balabag in the center. For reference , the Tourists will use the boat stations on White beach. Boat station 1 in the south, Boat station 2 in the north, and Boat station 3 in the center, but now boat station are not longer used but they are being used as a reference point for white beach. It contains 12 beaches in which you the most famous beach is white beach. The beach which is protected by a coral reef and is a secondary water sport beach. The beach which is in the north is Puka shell beach. The remaining beaches which are barren are covered with villas and private resorts.

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When the wind blows to the east in white beach it is called low season because it contains more rain than usual. At this time very few tourist come at low prices. This season begins from May and ends at October.

The high season begins when the wind begins from the other side of the island. This season starts from October and ends in May. At this time many tourists come. They become because of heat, sun, party and beach.

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Mostly when the occasion comes like summer season, Christmas, new year, Easter holidays etc that time it is called peak season. Mostly people come to enjoy the occasion with their loved ones. You will get 10% to 25% discount because it is fully booked at this time. At this time you should book in advance.

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It is hot and mostly dry in April, May and June. From June to October it contains heavy rainfall and October to June it contains humid and hot.

If you want to relax your mind with all the problems it is a very good place of it.

Check wikipedia https:Boracay Island Philippine white beach

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