World’s Most Popular Attraction Opera house, Sydney

World’s Most Popular Attraction Opera house, Sydney

One of the famous and unique building in the 20th century was Opera house Sydney , Australia which is performing the famous art’s place in the world. It is situated on Bennelong point with the parkland in the south and near to the Sydney Bridge. This building and its surroundings form a good image of Australian and all around the world. It is under the new South Wales and administered by the Opera House. Danish Architect Jorn Utzon designed the building. Mostly tourist doesn’t take the interest in This building they are interested in touring musical production, theatre and ballet. Let see the details of this building.

Sydney Opera House

Description Of Opera House:

This building contains 1000 rooms including two main halls, five theatres, five rehearsal studios, six bars, four restaurants and lots of monuments and antique shops. The roofs of this building are constructed with white granite tiles of 1,056,000 glazed, which is imported from Sweden. The interior house was built from pink granite which is supplied by Tarana NSW and its brush box and wood is mined from northern NSW. It contains a huge concert hall which has a capacity of 2679 seats. The Opera theatre contains 1547 seats. Drama theatre contains 544 seats, Studio theatre contains 364 seats and play house contains 398 seats. The Sydney Opera House Grand Organ contains the concert hall. The Opera theatre and Concert hall combined with a large covering. And others theatres are located inside of it.

Sydney opera house

The Bennelong point depot was demolished in 1958 and the Opera house began in March 1959. In three stages this project was built. The first stage consisted of the upper platform of 1959-1963. The second stage contained the structure of the outer covering from 1963-1967. The third and last stage consisted of the central design and construction from 1963- 1967.


The Queen Elizabeth II formally opened this building on October 20 1973. The fireworks and the performance of Beethoven’s Symphony N0 8 was included. On September 28th 973 the performance Sergei Prokofiev’s and Peace was played in the Opera theatre. The first public concert hall was taken place on September 29. Birgit Nilsson, Charles Mackerras performed there. Every year 200,000 guided tours people come here. It contains 1 million tiles on the roof. It was redesigned in 1999 which involved reception hall and Opera theatre which was supervised by Utzon.

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